Purchase Rewards

Click – Shop – Enjoy! Turn everyday purchases into cash-back rewards! Activate free Purchase Rewards and get automatic cash back to your account for purchases you make at your favorite places to shop.

First State Bank’s Purchase Rewards program gives you cash back for making purchases at select retailers when using your FSB Debit Card to make those purchases. It is available to Online Banking customers and enabled within Online Banking.

There are two types of offers received from merchants based on your purchase history :

      Loyalty offer – offer given by a merchant where consumer already shops
             E.g. shop at Store X and offer from Store X

     Conquesting offer – offer given by a competing merchant of a merchant where consumer already shops
            E.g. shop at Store X and offer from Store Y

There are two ways to redeem offers; an offer will specify one or both:

In-store offer – must shop at the actual store.

Online offer – must make the purchase online

•Offers typically include:

   A promotional period

   A reward amount

   A condition to qualify for the reward (e.g. spend$15 and get $3 back –must spend the $15)

   *Note that a general, unstated condition is that consumer must always use their FSB debit card tied to the reward

Rewards Process

1.  Load an Offer: You MUST click on it to activate offer
    a.  must load the offer in order to redeem it
    b.  also needs to click the offer to see all of the pertinent information; if you don’t click, 
          you’ll probably miss something

2. Redeem an Offer
    a. must spend the minimum amount, at the correct merchant, within the offer period
    b.  simply uses the debit card associated with the account that received the offer
    c.  Nothing happens differently at the point of sale
    d.  Rewards will typically display 2-3 days after purchase, but may take longer. Even if a
         transaction doesn’t post until after the offer period, it will still redeem because the redemption
         is based on the day the transaction occurred, not the day the transaction posted.

3. Get Reward Deposit
     a.  Rewards are credited at the end of the next month. If the offer is redeemed in October, the
          reward will be deposited at the end of November.
     b.  Because we don’t share consumers’ private information, we are unable
           to credit the account immediately.

View an Online demo by choosing Purchase Rewards from within our Online Banking and Services demo.